>Shiny Sparkling Things…

For 10 years I managed retail jewelry stores. I have recently been missing the shiny things I used to play with all day long. I am still working in sales/service/management but in a much less shiny industry. To that I would like to say, blech.

When I worked with shiny things all day, I did things that made people happy. I sold happiness, envisioned and helped create moments and memories for people. I helped many people over the years with their firsts. First rings, (minuscule) promise rings, engagement rings, wedding bands, push presents, baby jewelry, anniversary’s, all these milestones, and I miss that aspect of my work. The grumpy’s were few and far between in the world of shiny.

I do not miss the crappy hours, the mall, or missing every single holiday with my family. It’s pretty nice to be able to be not working the day after Thanksgiving, although, I do not shop on that day. It’s also pretty nice to be off on Valentines, Mother’s/Father’s day, Easter, Christmas, etc. and not be so completely exhausted that all you want to do is sleep when a holiday finally comes around. The last Christmas season that I worked in real retail, I literally worked 90 hours the week leading up to the holiday. That is just crazy. No one should ever work that much. My daughter would cry because she would be missing me so much, and after that I decided that I needed to do something different, hence the less shiny career now.

I did seem to pass on my love of shiny, sparkling things to all female members of my family. Having someone to give them all discounts over the years added to the love, I am sure, but nevertheless we are all pretty well blessed in the shiny category. My aunt was married to my uncle for 28 years, and still had a dinky bridal set when they divorced after 28 years. The year after her divorce was final, we went shopping for lots of sparkling things. A tennis bracelet here, a couple pairs of diamond earrings, pendants, the works. A year after this, she was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. They gave her six months to a year to live. She tried some treatments, but also started planning things. For the most part, terminal is terminal, you know.

While making her plans, she came across this…. http://www.lifegem.com/ This was her final wish. To forever be a shiny sparkling thing, and she is. For each of us, that loved her, we got a beautiful, nearly perfect sparkling shining thing. Nearly 2 years after her death, they are finally all grown, cut, polished and mounted. A daily beautiful thing to see and remember her by. An unbelievable gift.


One Comment on “>Shiny Sparkling Things…”

  1. Aunt Becky says:

    >That is EXACTLY what I want to do with myself! Dude. I have shivers.

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