>The Amazing Spider Girl!!!

All things considered, we had a pretty good time on Halloween. It was rainy, and freezing, and the wind was blowing a million miles per hour, but I really don’t think the kids noticed at all. We went over to my sister’s neighborhood so Mea could Trick or Treat with her cousins, and the pink brigade (a flamingo, and a princess unicorn) had a great time.

In the city we live in, trick or treat (Beggars Night) is always the day before Halloween, and has been forever, some safety thing that was started in the seventies. Also, kids have to tell a joke, or do a trick, before they get their candy. I didn’t realize that this was just something we did here until recently. My parents stayed back at my sisters and passed out candy, and they got to hear some pretty interesting jokes.


One Comment on “>The Amazing Spider Girl!!!”

  1. Aunt Becky says:

    >I think my ovaries just exploded into a pile of cuteness. ADORABLE. And she looks WARM. It was SO COLD last night. Good call, momma.

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