>The Shopping Trip…

>So, after I got off work on Friday Mea and I dropped Mack off at work, and headed towards my favorite store of all time. Oh, Target, how I love thee….

As you know Mea started off with a list in mind for the bounty she was going to hall in with her $32, that was totally burning a whole in her pocket. Apparently, she had been talking non-stop all day long about what she was going to buy.

Here we are in the car….wallet in tow.

I let Mea call the shots, so our first place to go once we got there was the baby doll aisle.
Such a hard decision….she pondered and pondered and pondered. We were up and down the “girl” rows about eleventy billion times. First thing she picked was a stroller for her babies, “because they are soooo heavy, and they like to ride.”
We ended up with a new baby, the stroller, and some play baby food, and several outfits for her new baby….Abby. She was so cute, and so excited to get to “pay” for her purchases at the cash register all by herself. We have been playing with the stroller and new baby non stop all weekend. She’s already told me that the next time she gets her “real” money, she’s going to buy a guitar. Happy saving, Miss Mea. Keep robbing Daddy of his change everyday, and you’ll be getting your guitar soon!
Shopping can really wear a girl out. As soon as we got home, she went to watch some TV with her new baby, and passed out cold.
Shopping is very hard work!


3 Comments on “>The Shopping Trip…”

  1. >What a beautiful and charming little girl. Truly a gem.

  2. smumzie says:

    >so very cute. how'd the chat with your mum go?

  3. Aunt Becky says:

    >She is so cute. Like for serious, it makes my ovaries hurt.

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