>Free Dollars for School are Goooood!

>Mackenzie won a $1000 art scholarship last week.  She entered two pieces of art, and one of them took the first prize.  Free money is always a good thing.  Especially money that doesn’t have to be paid back! 

This is the piece that won.

It was entered at the local Italian Festival, and went over really big.  I still can’t believe that my kid has this much talent.  I’m lucky to be able to draw a straight line….with a ruler as a guide, and she can whip out drawings like this in a couple of hours.

She leaves for school in ten days.  It is almost here.  I still can hardly believe it.  I’ve been doing pretty well, trying to help her shop, get things organized and ready.  We are planning a cookout for everyone to come over and see her next Sunday.

Mea is now asking almost daily when sissy is leaving.  It’s so sad.  She is going to miss her so much.  We are taking Mea with us, and this may be a mistake, but I think that she needs to go.  I’m worried about how she would handle things if she went to daycare and wasn’t part of taking sissy to school.  I think that if she goes with us, and gets to see Mack’s room, and see where she will be living, and that it’s not too far away from home, that it will make her feel better about Mack not being home with us.  I think it should all be fine.  We are going to have to take both cars anyway, we have so much crap to take up there.  I think that Mack’s boyfriend is coming too, so he can help her Dad carry stuff inside while I entertain Mea, or help Mack unpack.  She’s not going to want us there forever anyway.  Right? 


One Comment on “>Free Dollars for School are Goooood!”

  1. >Mea needs to know exactly where her very talented sister went, so she doesn't just picture her out in the ether. And congrats to Mack!

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