>Pre School Day 1


Yesterday was a big day.  It was the first day of Pre-School for Miss Mea.  She was so excited.  It is half day pre-school in the afternoons, four days a week, and it is at the regular elementary school, and it is free through our public school system!  Yay! 

She woke up yesterday, and the countdown began.  She asked at 8, if it was time to go to school yet.  We hadn’t eaten, showered, changed into clothes or anything at this point.  So we ate some breakfast.  I took a shower.  We got dressed.  I did her hair.  Then it was about 9.  She wanted to go then too. 

Thank goodness the kittens were due to have shots, so we had something to do to kill some time.  So we went to the vet.  We were done about 10:45 by the time we drove there, had them checked out, and drove home.  I made Mea some lunch, she watched a little TV, and then thank you very much it was finally time to go.  This is from before we left the house.

We did get to school a little bit early, but we weren’t the only ones.  We had to wait outside the classroom to be let in.  When it was time, it was a little crazy.  Mea started to get a little bit nervous.  She seemed to have forgotten which locker was going to be hers.  “Mamma, you will help me find my locker right?  Don’t leave until I find my donut locker.”

The drill is come in, hang up your coat and backpack, wash your hands, get your laminated paper with your picture and name on it, and go to the BLUE table, and write down your name, put it in the box, and then go have a seat on the rug.  She looked so serious when she was writing down her name.  She had to get it just right.  So glad she only has 3 letters, unlike her poor sister Mackenzie, who had 9.

So serious.

But so proud of herself!  She did it!

For a minute before it was time to for me to go, I think she was starting to have a little bit of a meltdown, but one of the teachers started calling things to order.  Another child in her class started having a profound meltdown, screaming and crying, and didn’t want his mom to leave.  Mea was so busy staring at this kid who was making a scene that she forgot all about missing me. 

She had a good time.  She wants to go back.  That’s always a good sign.

When I asked her what they did in preschool?  This is what I got.  “We played outside.  I got to pour my own water at snack time.”  Did you do anything else?  Yes.  Did you play games?  Yes.  Did the teachers read to you?  Yes.  Did you color?  Yes. 

So all in all, she had a good time, she played outside, and poured her own water from the pitcher.  That was the highlight of pre-school, day 1.


One Comment on “>Pre School Day 1”

  1. KimN says:

    >She got to pour her own glass of water….so cute. Its so funny what sticks with kids. You got more from Mea than I got from Gabe about his first day of Kindergarten. I'm still trying to figure out what happened.

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