>When Your Appliances Leave Home…

>Kim from Now What?, asked of my last post, how I go without a dishwasher…the answer is, I haven’t gone without one well.  My dishwasher was/is/has been Mackenzie for at least the last eight years or so.  I’m just about positive that about the time she turned ten, is around the time the dishes became her “chore.”  Not only do I miss my dishwasher, but I miss my Mack, too.

Mack’s always been a bit tall for her age, so this was around the time when she could reach all the way into the sink, reach the faucets, and not have to use a chair, or step ladder, to do so.  She has always gotten some form of allowance, but more then that, I think that it’s good for kids to learn that they need to do their part around the house.  I think when she was about eleven or twelve, I stopped doing her laundry, taught her how, and this became part of her “chores” as well.  In addition to occasionally cleaning her room, when I griped about it, and/or threatened her social life. 

Shortly after she left for school, I posted on Facebook, something along the lines of how I was missing my dishwasher, and got a, “Hey, Mom!  Is that all you miss me for?” from her, but also got a, “How do you get teenagers to do dishes?” from my sister-in-law.  I think it’s pretty easy.  You do the chores I tell you to do, or you don’t get to go to the movies, you don’t get to have your friend over, you don’t get to go stay the night at xyz’s house, etc.  I couldn’t even believe that she was asking such a stupid question.  My niece and nephew must be spoiled.  Mea already has chores.  It’s her job to feed the dog and the kitties.  It’s a easy job, because they go crazy if they don’t have food, but still.  She knows it’s her job, and she’s pretty proud of it.


Mack will be coming home tomorrow for Thanksgiving Break, and will be home at my beck and call for 10 days.  Hopefully I’ll be able to use her as some dish washing service and impromptu babysitter service, between her visits to friends, and boyfriends, etc. 

Or maybe she can start teaching Mea the fine art of washing Mama’s dishes?  I don’t know….six years is an awfully long time to go between dish washers, my friends.  I may have to break down and buy a real one.  You know an electric one, that you load, with those soap ball thingies.  Not the kind that eats you out of house and home, and leaves you to go get educated.

Future Dishwasher!

I think for now, we’ll probably stick to paper plates, and the Mama doing the dishes.  Then I can hand over the torch to my small one.  She looks like she’d enjoy doing a dish or two!


One Comment on “>When Your Appliances Leave Home…”

  1. KimN says:

    >My job was to do the dishes as well growing up….its probably why I hate to do them to this day. Its my least favorite house chore hands down.Beautiful, beautiful girls!

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