>Black Friday Funday, Must Bleach Eyes ASAP.

>So you know that I worked retail for most of my adult life, and teenage life I guess too, since I started working there when I was 14.  From the time I could work, I worked in retail and with the exception of the last 8 years usually had to forgo any shopping experience in lue of actually working the crazy ass holiday.

The first four years I boycotted the mall altogether the day after Thanksgiving.  You would not catch me dead in there.  I needed that space.  In face I think with the exception of Target, (if it was connected to a mall) I didn’t walk into a mall for those first four years after quitting retail.  I shopped at Target or online, and that was it.

The last four years or so, maybe five, my mom and/or my sister has managed to get me out.  Especially the last 3 years since Mea has been home.  My sister and I have a few things we do, that we do for all the little kids, Mea, and my two nieces, that all “match.”  They think it’s so cool.  So anyway, we fight the crowds to do some of these things for our kids.

Usually, we have had pretty good luck with sales.  This year, they kind of sucked.  There really wasn’t too much that was all that impressive unless you wanted to get your ass trampled by the crazies.

We got a few good deals, and finished up at Target, where we needed a few staples, a couple movies, some DS games, birthday gifts, etc.

You know, one major thing with this whole Black Friday deal is watching the crazy people out and about.  People in their pajamas.  One lady who was drinking Whiskey in her coffee cup, who was DRUNK, at 5am, who was bragging about being out and drinking since 3am behind me at a department store, she had a spazzy laughing Santa decoration.  The fat lady, in the Victoria Secret, PINK sweats, with the “pink” emblazed on her ass.  (When your butt is that big, honey, don’t put words on it…..they get distorted, people think you are wearing some new brand called INK, not a good look.) 

And then there was this guy….

Yes, it’s a man.  Yes that is Tiger Print, and it’s Target, not Walmart.

I don’t think there were any umbrella’s on any kind of Door Buster special.  But then again, I wasn’t about to get close enough to actually check it out.  Maybe this guy and the fat lady with the INK butt should hook up?


4 Comments on “>Black Friday Funday, Must Bleach Eyes ASAP.”

  1. JenS says:

    >My eyes! My eyes!! Ack! How did you not fall over laughing?

  2. KimN says:

    >Yikes! Great prescence of mind to snap a pic. You are brave to go out on Friday, I have absolutely no desire to do so. Bring on cyber Monday.

  3. Kelly says:

    >My sister and I were dying laughing. I'm surprised I was able to get the picture without him turning around and busting us. If I had only thought to take a picture of the INK lady, my day would have been complete…

  4. Mayhem says:

    >Oh my gosh!! That is hilarious! I'm glad you took a picture– Dude, seriously? Not a good look for you!

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