>Jo Jo and His Merry Posse…

>There are times when I have wondered if my youngest child will ever learn to play alone.  Most times she seems to always need someone to be playing with her.  Then there are times like last night, that give me hope.  Her little imagination running wild and rampant. 

We set up the Christmas tree on Saturday, and set up under the tree, until the presents take over is the Nativity Scene.  It’s supposed to be a “children’s set,” but is still porcelain or some other breakable material, but it was cheap and I have bandaids, so I let Mea go to town with it.

Last night was “Mea Movie Night.”  We let her pick a movie of her choice, make popcorn, have a couple candies, and watch the movie.  We watched Sleeping Beauty last night.  (Did you know that they say, “Hell” in this movie?)  When it was over, we still had some time before the dreaded bedtime.  Daddy went to the bedroom to watch football, I was sucked into Hoarders (Which makes my skin crawl, and makes me want to break out the bleach, but I can’t turn it off.) and Mea was playing her DS for a little while.  Then she started playing with the Nativity.  The characters have wholes in the bottoms of them, where they were cast, or whatever, and to Mea they make great finger puppets.

Here’s a little bit of the conversation that we had, and that I picked up from her when she was playing on her own….

Mamma, what’s the Mama’s name again?


Mamma, what’s the baby’s name again?


Mamma, can I call him Jo Jo?

I don’t think so.  You could call the Dad, Jo Jo, his name is Joseph remember?

Ohhhh, Jo Jo!  Yay! 

So Jesus, what was your happy news today?*  Oh, you got born?  Good job, good happy news!

So Jo Jo, what was your happy news today?  Oh, you live in this barn?  Well, I guess it has a star on it, even if it does have cow and lamb poop in it.

Kings, what is your happy news?  You have crowns?  And presents!  Yay, that’s great happy news!

This just went on and on and on.  For an hour.  Sometimes she’d stop and ask me something.  Sometimes she’d stop, and ask me if I had more happy news, but it was so sweet, and I just loved it.  I may have been paying more attention to her then the scary Hoarders show after all.

Light of Christmas tree + poor cell phone photo = Not super great Photography Skills

*  This is something they do everyday at school.  Everyone shares their “Happy News” everyday.  For some reason, when they ask the question they talk with their hand, kind of like a sock puppet.  So every time you ask if someone has “Happy News” you need to do the weird sock puppet talking action.


5 Comments on “>Jo Jo and His Merry Posse…”

  1. Leslie says:

    >aww yay!PS: Hoarders is a trainwreck. I can't stop WATCHING!

  2. KimN says:

    >So cute, I love little kid dialogue.I also watch Hoarders. It makes me want to purge my house immediately.

  3. >I used to love playing with the nativity. Right now though, Meg just wants to chew on baby Jesus.

  4. […] year, I shared this story with you of Mea playing with the Nativity, under the Christmas […]

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