>Fun with Sissy…

>The last two weeks for Mea have been filled with fun days of hanging out with her big sister Mack.  We have a little more then a week before I have to take Mack back to Yellow State.

In the last two weeks…

  • They have been to 2 movies.
  • They have been shopping multiple times.
  • They have been “ladies who lunch.”
  • They made cookies.
  • They played in the snow.
  • They played make-up.
  • They danced to music.
  • Mack took Mea to school, and picked her up.  Mack is super famous at Pre-School now.
  • Hung out with their cousins.
  • Went to lunch and hung out with their Nana.
  • Went ice skating, with Mack, Mack’s friend and her little sister.  This was as much fun as the hot chocolate after.

I know a certain four year old who is going to be pretty sad in the pants again on January 9th.  Not to mention, that her Dad leaves for a 3 day business trip that day as well.  A certain mom may be sad too.


One Comment on “>Fun with Sissy…”

  1. JenS says:

    >How cute is Mea on the ice rink?!! Nice to hear the sisters are having so much fun together. I always wished for a sister.

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