>Mamma, That is NOT Your Name!

>So, Mea and I are home alone for the next several days.  Daddy is off in Nashville for a work meeting until Wednesday, and since we took Mack back to school last week, it’s just the two of us home alone.  We took Dad to the airport yesterday, and Mea was sad to see him go.  Hopefully the next few days go by quickly, and she is a happy/good girl for Mamma.

Yesterday, after we went to the airport, we went to the grocery store, and picked up things for the two of us to eat.  Grocery shopping for three is kind of difficult for me as it is but, doing it for myself and a small picky girl is nearly impossible.  It’s nearly pointless to make any “meals” just for myself, so we are having Mea friendly food all week long.  Grilled cheese, popcorn chicken, pasta with jar sauce, and a frozen pizza.  It was a pretty cheap week at the store, too!

Once a year my husband has this meeting, and every year that he’s had it, we’ve ended up having measurable snow while he’s gone.  Last year, Mack was home, so the girls stayed home, and I had Mack to help me shovel.  Not so much this year.  Thanks weatherman, for the soon to be eight inches of snow.  Hopefully the snowplow man comes, but I will still have to move around Mack’s car, since it’s sitting in our driveway.  I’m also saying a little prayer that my one nice neighbor does our sidewalk, then hopefully, I won’t have to do any stupid shoveling.

This morning, while we were getting ready to go, Mea gives me this one.

I am dressed and ready for work, trying to get her ready for daycare/school.  I have my name tag on, because I have accidentally worn all of them home, and forgotten them all there.

“Mamma, why do you have that on?”

“So, customers at work know my name.  We all wear them.”

“Mamma, that doesn’t say your name.”

I actually looked at it to make sure.  I know, I know… I’m a little dense in the mornings.

“Mea, it does too.  See it says, Kelly McLastName.”

“Mamma, your name is MOM.  M. O. M.  Remember, I write it on all your letters for you?”

Apparently, I need to order a new name tag.  One with my correct name on it.  I wonder what my customers would think?


3 Comments on “>Mamma, That is NOT Your Name!”

  1. Kimberly says:

    >you should change the name on your badge to "Your Momma"…hee hee.I remember when I got married my niece was just turning 4. When we were going through the rehersals at the church, the priest said my full name and my niece shouted "Her name is Aunt Kim!!!" Kids crack me up!

  2. JenS says:

    >Oh, that is hilarious! Of course, if you get a name tag that says, MOM for work, your customers (depending on age) will ask you for crayons, money, food and advice they'll ignore.

  3. >Love it! Of course, if you just had "mom" on there you would have to answer to every screaming child within a 10 mile radius.

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