>Monster Stompers*

>My darling four year old, has giant feet.

Not just a little bit big.  Her feet are flipping huge.

Her feet could be used as scuba gear.

We give Mea’s old shoes to her cousin who is a year older then she is.

The average shoe size for a four year old is supposed to be a size 9 to a size 10.

Mea’s shoes on average are somewhere between an 11 1/2 and get this, I just bought her a pair of sneakers in a size 13.

Monster Stompers.

That is a big freaking shoe, girls.

If her shoe size is relative to how tall she is going to be, she’s going to be like Mack and be a six footer for sure.

*My darling Dad, has always called our shoes Monster Stompers.  I am talking about my kid having big feet here, but in reality, I have big feet, my sister has big feet, and my mom has the biggest feet. 

I’d forgotten all about Monster Stompers until the other night, when he kindly reminded me.  Nothing like having bigger feet then your Dad, when you are in the seventh grade. 


One Comment on “>Monster Stompers*”

  1. Jen says:

    >I can relate to the Monster Stompers, I don't exactly have delicate feet. The good news is that the bigger feet are supposed to help with balance, right? (work with me here) 🙂

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