>The Jokster

>So after posting about my mother-in-law the other day, it got me thinking about her.  She died in December of 2004, so after six years, thinking of different times with her or thinking about how much she would have loved my baby girl is just kind of nice.

She would have loved Mea.  She would have gotten the biggest kick out of her personality, of her “Meaism’s” and she really loved the little kids so much.  The other day, my husband and I were talking about her, and Mea said, “I loved Grandma, she was my favorite Grandma.”

I said, “Mea, you never met Grandma, how could she be your favorite?  What about Nana?”

She just looked at me like I was so stupid.  “Well, Nana is my favorite Nana, Mamma.  Grandma, is my favorite, Grandma.”

See even something like this my MIL would have cracked up about.

So, my husband and I didn’t date for very long before we moved in together.  It obviously worked, since here we are eleven years later, but we met in January and moved in together in May.  I think around Memorial Day this year that we had moved we had both of our families over for a cookout.  It would have been right around my birthday, and my Dad’s birthday, and it was the big “our parents meet each other” day.

I was running around trying to get things together for our meal.  My husband was outside grilling.  I was sending Mack who was 7, around taking drink orders.  We had beer, wine, tea, soda, water and lemonade.  I remember exactly. 

Mack comes back to the kitchen, and tells me that Nana wants whatever she wanted, Papa wanted a beer, and Grandma wanted a beer.  So I get my Mom’s drink, I get the two bottles of beer out of the fridge, and by that time Mack had disappeared.  I take the drinks out to everyone.  Hand my Mom her drink, give my Dad his beer, hand my MIL the beer, and she just flips. 

“What’s this?  I didn’t ask for a beer!  I don’t drink.”

I am just sitting there, thinking what the world did Mackenzie do?!  Have I ever mentioned that my MIL was a minister?  A pranking one.  There are no rules that say ministers can’t drink, but I thought for sure I was going to hell for this move.

My MIL totally asked Mack for a beer.  She also sent her on some errand upstairs so that I would be the drink delivery girl, so she could pull my leg. 

To say that it took a while for our relationship to nurture, is probably an understatement.


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