>My Husband Can’t Keep a Surprise.

>So I sent a hint to my husband a few weeks ago. 

He always asks me what I want for Christmas, Birthday, Anniversary, and at the time, I usually can’t think of anything that I want.  Honestly, if I want something, I’m probably going to buy it for myself.  I don’t like waiting.  I had seen a blog post about this family jewelry from AJ’s Collection on Baby On Bored a while back, and loved it.  After seeing Stephanie’s necklace, I looked through the collection at AJ’s and sent my husband an email with the link of which necklaces I liked, how I’d like them engraved, etc.

He got the email, and ordered the necklace on the spot.

I didn’t realize I was so difficult to shop for.  Apparently I am.

Our anniversary is not for a month.  My husband cannot hold onto anything he buys for me longer then a day.  The necklace came in the mail on Thursday, he gave it to me last night.  He’s like a little kid at Christmas.

Surprises are not his forte.

Following instructions are.  The bar, has all the big girls names on it.  One on each side.  I love it.  So pretty.

He did a good job. 


One Comment on “>My Husband Can’t Keep a Surprise.”

  1. Jen says:

    >This is beautiful! I'm like your husband, I can never, ever wait to give gifts. :))

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