>I sometimes wonder if Mea is going to end up with a career in comedy.  The girl is funny.  Sometimes she tries to be.  Much of the time, it’s by accident.  Sometimes it’s in what she does, but usually it is what she says.  The truth is she keeps me on my toes.  A smile is never too far behind whatever it is that she is doing.

I often wonder where it is that she has gotten some of the things that she has picked up.  Then I remember, four year old’s are sponges, they remember EVERYTHING. 

Her recent obsession with Justin Beiber is one of the things she’s picked up.  Where does a four year old get Beiber Fever?  School or daycare I guess, but still.  It’s a virus that won’t go away.  She has claimed that she is going to marry him.  The other night while we were watching the Grammys, she said to me, “Mamma, did you know that Justin Beiber is coming up next?”  I said no, because I wasn’t paying attention, and was folding my piles and piles of laundry.  She says, “Well, you should know, because you are a woman!”  Well, duh to me I guess.

That Justin, is his real name, and she knows because they are getting married.

That Justin is hot.

When she announced to me that we have a family bathroom at our house, just like at Target.

While watching Marley and Me, she told me “Marley is so cute, he’s a chihuahua, right?”

Because she knows numbers now, she wanted to dial the number on TV for the Mesothelioma ad.  Actually, now that I think about it, she wants to call all the infomercial ads.  That one for some reason, especially.

In talking one day about her sister going to school, she said, “Mamma, why is Mack at college again?”

I said, “To get educated, Mea.”

She replied with, “Why can’t she do that in the basement where she belongs?”

Then today, she is jumping on my bed while I’m trying to get dressed for work.  “Mamma, look at me, look at me!”

“Mea, quit jumping on the bed, it’s not a trampoline.”

“Mamma, just look at me!”

“I’m peacing you, Mamma.  Peace.”

Good grief.  The girl was getting in trouble for jumping on the bed, and all I could do was laugh at her.  Really, what can I do?


One Comment on “>Comedy.”

  1. >What a great kid. Bieber would be lucky.

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