>Play dates Part Two.

>So two posts in one day.

As I mentioned the other day, Mea and my husband got a note from a mom of one of her school friends about the getting together for a play date.  I honestly wasn’t planning on doing it, but then I had second thoughts, and figured, “Hey, you are off today.  If Mea has a friend over, maybe she’ll drive you less crazy?”

So this morning, I sent the mom a text.  When it had been about an hour, I called and left a message.  Of course she called me back when I was in the shower.  She did leave me a message, stating that she got off work at 1:30, and that her daughter could come over, and she’d call me when she got off of work.

I took Mea to Toys R Us, we got a couple of small things, we went and got lunch.  We came home and ate, and tidied up the house.  We waited.  My sister had called me at about eleven, shortly after I had gotten the mother’s message, and had wanted to know if Mea and I wanted to go to Chuck E Cheese with her and the girls.  I said no, because we had this play date.

The girls mother never called me back.

She never sent me a text.


We waited around, for nothing.

The only saving grace, is that I was not born yesterday, and I did not tell Mea anything about it at all. 

I think after this experience with this mother, we will not be doing any play dates with this girl.

Some people just don’t have any manners.

Pink fake hair from Toys R Us.

How could you deny this face?  


One Comment on “>Play dates Part Two.”

  1. Jen says:

    >She said yes and then never got back in touch. How rude. Especially after she initiated it. Ah, well. See, now I've learned not to mention it to E when I coordinate such things until it's in the bag.Love the fake hair!

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