>Sick Girl

>Mea is home sick today, so I am home sick today too.  I’ve known this was coming all week, although she’s acted pretty much “normal” she’s had a nasty cough for the last several days, but today she woke up with a fever.  I’m reluctant to take her to the doctor, because I know there are a million viruses going around, and I’m sure that’s what they will say.  I think we’ll be waiting at least one more day.

Last night we had gymnastics, and it was picture day.  The girls were all so cute.  The photographer was really good with the little kids, I’m actually looking forward to seeing how they turned out.

While the photographer was working, I took a couple of pictures.  The girls were being so cute, giggling and laughing and flirting with this guy, it was hilarious.

Mea and her class, can you believe she is the second to youngest?  The girl to the left is the youngest.  Yes, to the left.  🙂
Super cheese herself.

When we were done with gymnastics last night, we went and signed up for softball.  Softball starts in May, I am really looking forward to this.  The little girls are so cute when they play, and this age is before the parents start getting super competitive with themselves over their kids.  There will always be a couple of those parents that have to make more out of five year olds playing softball then what it is, but the kids at this age, are hilarious, and cute in their little uniforms. 

I just hope that my husband is able to make some time in his baseball/softball schedule to make it to some of her games.  This is the problem, when your husband is an official.  Very annoying.  He better fix it so he can, or he’ll be in trouble!

Sick girl and her dog.

Then this is today.  Isn’t it amazing how with a little bit of Motrin, and some cough syrup how an hour after being a whiney mess, a kid can be “all better” in just this short of a period of time?  Trying to get her to lay down is futile.  I just hope the fever goes away on it’s own, and she starts kicking that cough.  It starts at her toes.


2 Comments on “>Sick Girl”

  1. Kimberly says:

    >Kids are amazingly resilient! What a smile she has and I can't believe that the girl next to her is younger!! I think there must be something in the water cause either kids are getting bigger these days or I am shrinking 😉

  2. >I hope she is all better. That cold going around is awful. I love her little face!

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