>My husband is a pretty sweet guy.  I had flowers delivered to my office this morning.  I did get my early present, that he couldn’t wait to give me that I’ve been wearing for a month.  Both of these are much better then tin, or aluminum which are the traditional ten year anniversary gift.  Maybe that’s what I should have bought for him, instead of that blue-ray player?  A roll of Reynolds wrap.  He probably would have liked it, Mr. BBQ himself.  Anyway…


Ten years ago, this was us.  Me at twenty-six, and him at forty-one.  Only four daughters, we’ve seen them through all of their graduations from high school, four babies, and oh, so much more.  Then there is our Mea.  I would have never in a million years have thought then that I would have her.  I am so thrilled to say that we do.  We have built a life, a family, most importantly we built ourselves a home, not in the hammer and nails sense, but in the love and understanding sense.

I just love this guy.  He is so silly.  He can light up a room.  Who else is going to not be offended by my sense of humor, or get mad when I post his senior picture on the internet for the entire world to see, and comment on?  Who is going to stick up for our daughters when they have broken hearts the way this guy does?  Or play with my Mea girl the way that he does? 

Last night, we played Pretty Pretty Princess.  I think there are some dad’s out there that would have just flat out refused.  He was a good sport, and wore his jewelry better then I did.  I’m a lucky girl, and so are all of my girls. 

Pretty Pretty Princess!

I just wish I’d snapped the picture when he was wearing the crown….


3 Comments on “>Ten.”

  1. kbreints says:

    >Happy Anniversary! What a great dad 🙂

  2. Jen says:

    >Happy Anniversary. I wish you many more celebrations. The crown would have been a nice touch indeed! :))

  3. Les says:

    >Aww! Looks like you've got a sweet guy! Happy 10th!

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