>She Had a Ball…

>I have a childhood friend who recently invited us (or everyone), via Facebook, to her town for a local “festival.”  Unfortunately (or fortunately), we couldn’t attend, since Mack was home from school this weekend.  I really didn’t think they actually had such events in real life. 

It was a “Testicle Festival.”  They were frying up balls, for charity.

People actually eat them.

In real life.

They do have a bar.

Did I mention, that I think that there was karaoke?  I wonder who sang, Accept’s, Ball’s to the Wall, or Do Your Ball’s Hang Low?

I think if we would have attended, I’d have gotten tipsy and made fun of the ball eaters.

It’s probably a good thing we didn’t go.  As it is, I poked serious fun at my friend via Facebook for her choices of festivals.  Told her it would be “nuts.”

The whole thing seems like something right out of Funny Farm

On Saturday night, before she left for the “Festival” she posted something on Facebook, about going to get her drink on.

I told her to grab her drink by the balls.


3 Comments on “>She Had a Ball…”

  1. Jen says:

    >Thanks for the chuckle today. I would be having a field day with a friend over that.

  2. >AC/DC's "Big Balls" all the way.

  3. Kimberly says:

    >Did you have tea bags for dessert? Hee hee

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