>A Ball Themed Week…

>So this week it seems so far anyway, is all about balls.

Okay, so today, isn’t nearly as silly as yesterday. 

Mea is signed up to play softball this spring.  It will be her first time, and we are pretty excited.  Not in the crazy over zealous live vicariously through my kid way or anything, just excited to be at the softball field, cheering on our favorite little athlete.

Yesterday, Mea and her Dad had their first of many impromptu softball lessons out in the backyard.  Since we hadn’t had more then a glove and ball before yesterday, it was pretty interesting to see how she did.  The girls in her age group are pitched to 3 times, and if they are unable to hit the pitched balls they hit off of a tee.  My husband went yesterday morning and bought her a helmet, a tee, balls and a bat.  She’s all set!

Practicing her outfield stance.

He was really impressed with her ability to follow instructions, and how quickly she caught on.  I’m impressed too, just less surprised then he was.  She’s a natural athlete this one.  Seriously.

Knocking one out of the park!  (Please don’t comment on how Daddy has red gloves on her with pink everything else.)

We have our first team meeting Thursday night right after gymnastics.  Mea will get to meet her coaches, and her teammates.  So exciting!  I just can’t wait for actual games in May.  It will be fun to be a fan in the stands again.


3 Comments on “>A Ball Themed Week…”

  1. Jen says:

    >That's so fun! I hope all have a wonderful time.p.s., I think you're pretty cool and witty in your blog. 😉

  2. Kimberly says:

    >Love! Softball was my sport growing up. She's going to love it!

  3. >I loved tee ball. After the tee was gone though, I was screwed. What a gorgeous little girl!

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