>In the Middle.

>Yesterday, we had a lengthy discussion about middle names.  Mea obviously knows what her middle name is, but she wanted to know what everyone else’s middle names were, and why we have middle names, and laughed at some, etc.

“I am Mea Symone.  Why is it Symone?”  We went on to explain to her that she is named after my all time favorite musician.  Nina Simone.  My love for her music has been around since I was young, not many 11 or 12 year olds that listen to jazz/blues singers, but I was one of them.  If you haven’t heard anything by her, go listen, I’m telling you, it just hits you.  We had thought of naming Mea after my Aunt that passed away or my mother-in-law, but to be honest their names were awful, and they both hated their own names.  How can you saddle a small child with a name that even the previous owners didn’t even like.  Even if it is in memory of? 

“What’s your middle name Momma?”


“What’s Daddy’s?”

“Jay.”  ( I didn’t tell Mea this, because she honestly would just get confused, but when my husband was born, there was some kind of screw up in the hospital, and they put Joy as his middle name.  Hilarious.  When I’m mad at him, I call him this.)

“What’s sissy’s?”


“What are my other sissy’s? Why are their names that?”

On and on this went.  When she finally came to what I thought was the end.  She asked me what Veruca, one of the kittens, middle names was.  When I told her the pets had no middle names she was annoyed. 

“That’s not fair!  Even Papa has a middle name, even though it’s silly!”  (My Dad’s middle name is Sheldon.)

So it was decided.  All the pets needed a middle name.

They are now…

Veruca Belle

Charlie Rose

Olive Marie


Winston Joe

The poor pets, and my silly, silly girl.  No one can ever be left out.


2 Comments on “>In the Middle.”

  1. Jen says:

    >This is wonderful. I love the things that children come up with.

  2. Kimberly says:

    >Well you can tell Mea that my hairdresser named her baby girl Olive 😉 Nickname is Ollie and her middle name is Molly 😉

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