>A Message from my Mea…

>I have an old voice mail on my office phone, from my Mea.

I play it and save it almost daily.

She was about two and a half when she left me the message.

She says, “Hi Mamma!  Hi Mamma!  Hi Mamma!  I big now!  I big! I big!”

Mea, age 2

I just love it.  I hope I can keep it on there forever.  Her little baby voice, is so sweet.  She was so proud to be on the phone. 

I just love that girl.


2 Comments on “>A Message from my Mea…”

  1. Jen says:

    >One of the saddest things to me when I left my old job is that I had a message on my work voicemail I had saved from E when she was just a little thing saying "Mama, I wuv oooo".

  2. >I love Mea. She just is all over cute.

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