>Silent Treatment…

>I figure giving my husband the silent treatment may be better then killing him in the night when he sleeps. 

He is officially making me crazy.

Our marriage has worked for the last ten years because, (although I bitch about it from time to time) from late March to October I become a sports widow.  I get him out of the house and out from under foot for a good period of time.  I am able to have a lot of “me” time, and it makes us appreciate each other more.

This unemployment thing is currently blowing all of that. 

His games are all on the weekends right now, so Monday through Friday he has been home, taking up space, wanting rewards for occasionally doing the stuff I normally do while working fifty hours a week.  It is annoying the hell out of me.  Rather then fight about it, I just need to shut up, because I’m going to hurt his feelings. 

I tried talking to him about giving me some time to myself, and I don’t think he heard a word I said, or he got offended, I’m not quite sure which.

I’ve talked to my Mom about it, and she gets it.  She’s taking Mea to the movies Saturday afternoon, so I can have a couple hours to myself while he’s out doing softball games.  I may treat myself to a pedicure or something, even though the last thing I should be doing is blowing money on myself.  Anyway.

I need to.  I know.  I will.

Little Diva.

I can’t afford to be the crazy mom when I’ve got my little Diva around.

Good grief.  Let’s hope he finds a job now.  ASAP.  Yesterday.  This is making me more mental then him, I think.


4 Comments on “>Silent Treatment…”

  1. >My husband is finishing up his second semester in a PhD program. Maybe he and your husband can find an apartment together. Isn't Colorado in between Iowa and Utah?

  2. Jen says:

    >You're in a tough spot. When I don't get any alone time, I start to want to hurt people, so I get it too. I hope you enjoy your alone time on Saturday.

  3. Waiting Lisa says:

    >My husband is on my last nerve this week. Two nights ago he came home and complained about the laundry from days ago not being put away yet. You should have seen the look on my sleep deprived face. Last night I had a sleeping baby on me, which was literally the only thing keeping me from throwing objects at him. I hope this weekend will de-stress both of us.

  4. adoptchange says:

    >I totally understand! My husband is spending some days away from home for work and its so nice to have that time to myself! I hope you find a way to incorporate "you" time into your current routine!

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