>Special Fingers…

>Mea has two special fingers, both her little fingers. 

I think that everyone has some weird body anomaly, on some part of them.  I know that I do.  I have a notch out of my right ear lobe.  Not from an earring pull, which most people would assume, but just a natural little dip in my ear lobe that I was born with.

Apparently, my grandfather had it too.  My Nana was super excited when I was born and I had it.

My grandfather didn’t wear earrings, or have to worry about his hair, or length of earrings looking weird.

I’m sure no one notices, but I do.

Mea has already noticed her special fingers.  Which is what we are currently calling them, who knows what she’ll call them later.  She has a little knot on each pinkie finger, just to the outside of the lower knuckle.  It kind of looks like a wart, but it’s not.

She was born with an extra digit just off of each pinkie finger.  The medical term is Polydactyly.  It’s actually more common then you would think.  It’s much more likely in African and African Americans.  Especially Mea’s type.  When she was born, they were useless digits.  The doctor’s at her birth placed a tourniquet of some sort on each of them, and they basically shrivelled up and fell off.  (Truthfully, glad in some ways, I wasn’t the one to have to watch that happen.)  What is left is her little knot like bumps.

One special finger.

I guess what brings this up, is that someone noticed them.  A kid.  I don’t know what they were doing.  Holding hands, playing a game, or just doing stuff that kids do.  I’ve talked to her doctor about them.  There’s really nothing to do to them, they don’t hurt, it’s solely cosmetic.  Later, we could probably have a plastic surgeon look at them to see about having them removed further, or trimmed down, but they would want to wait until she quits growing. 

So we will be living with her special fingers for some time.  I know that I need to decide at some point when to tell her what they actually are.  I just can’t decide when that is.  If she tells the wrong kid at school about this, she could forever be labelled “that six fingered girl.”  I don’t want that.  Kids can be so mean under the best of circumstances.

Do I explain why they are special?  Or do I just let them be special for a while longer?


3 Comments on “>Special Fingers…”

  1. Jen says:

    >Tough one. It's not the same as a physically challenged young person who has to know the medical realities, since this causes no challenges for Mea other than cosmetic. Learning the term for it isn't a bad thing, but she won't really know how to apply it yet when explaining it to anyone. Kids can be so cruel, I worry about how she will know what to say. I guess I'd probably leave it at special for now. Just the "dunno, was born with it" for a while. Oh, and if you see the smoke signals, head east to Virginia. 🙂

  2. >I think you should tell her those bumps are proof she's unique. None of her little friends will know that word, and she will be brilliant for knowing it. Later you can tell her what they really are, but right now, they are just unique.

  3. Edie Mindell says:

    >I agree, some kids can be cruel when they notice something extraordinary about the physical appearance of some kids. Just tell your kid she's unique and special and there's nothing wrong with having those.:-)

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