>I Will Hunt You Down…

>Don’t even think about it.

This is my favorite pen, and if you try to take it, I’ll come after you.

I know it writes nice, that’s why I bought it, and why I have kept track of it.  Why I have searched everywhere for refills for it.  Why when there aren’t refills to be found, I buy pens take the insides out to put in my pen.

I have had others, and still do.  A green one, a silver one, and another dark pink one, but this one is my favorite.  Back off.  The green one did get stolen, and is gone forever.  Jerks.

I’ve chased people into the parking lot, literally to their cars.

I’ve searched under grimy restaurant tables.

I’ve searched under disgusting movie theater seats.

Don’t touch it.

Pen thieves, beware.

I’ll come after you, and I mean it.

Very scratched up, favorite pink pen.  Blue ink.

Don’t even think about putting it in your purse.  Don’t try to say, “This is mine.”  We both know it’s not.  I can tell you that I have had this pen for at least six years.  I’m serious.  It’s not expensive.  It probably is replaceable, but it’s mine, and I don’t want to replace it.  If you like it run yourself down to Office Max and shell out the $7.95 for your own, and then you can try keeping track of it when everyone tries to steal it.

This one is mine.  Hands off.


One Comment on “>I Will Hunt You Down…”

  1. Jen says:

    >HAH! Love that. Note to self… put the pen down and back away slowly…

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