>It’s Possible I Could Soon Be Having a Moment….

>The breakdown in my niceness is coming.

I’m still trying, I am. 

I have actually done much better, in all honesty.  I decided being a huge bitch because I was stressed out was not helping anyone.  So I have been trying extremely hard to be nice, to everyone.  Especially, my husband.

None of this crap is his fault.  If I’m mean it’s not helping.  Got to keep that mantra going in my head.

If I’m mean it’s not helpful.

If I’m mean it’s not helpful.

If I’m mean it’s not helpful.

I’m not trying to be mean to him.  I’m mostly just frustrated by this entire situation.  It sucks, and it’s stupid.  It totally pisses me off to no end.

His unemployment was denied.  He had to send in a letter of appeal.  So we are officially down to my income. 

We got the information for Cobra from his work, which I had thought about us doing because my health benefits scare me for our family, they only offer HDHP, and my husbands recent health issues, with the high blood pressure and stroke, don’t help those scares.  It was over $1200 a month to cover the family on Cobra.  Insane.  There is no way, especially since the unemployment was denied.

He’s had some good leads, but things are just moving so slowly.

Mea really wants to go back to daycare.  She misses her friends.  That makes me sad.  She misses her routine.

I just want everything to go back to normal, and soon.  I don’t just want it to go back to normal. 

I need it to.


2 Comments on “>It’s Possible I Could Soon Be Having a Moment….”

  1. Jen says:

    >((Kelly)) I continue to send virtual hugs and happy vibes your way. This is a crappy situation your family is in.

  2. Heather says:

    >{{Hugs}} I'm sorry that this sucks for you! Hopefully it will get better soon.

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