>Four Going on Fourteen…

>Someone had a bit of an attitude problem.

I think that we have messed with this girl’s routine, and she is acting out about how she feels about it.

Holy hell on wheels. 

Daddy has been spoiling her, and this staying home business totally ruined our morning routine. 

Now she doesn’t want to get up and get dressed.  She says over and over again that she needs help.  I really think he was dressing her.  She’s almost five.  She can dress herself, and has been for over a year. 

We had a fight over hair time.

We fought over her medicine.

We fought over what she could and could not take to daycare today.

She didn’t want to wear “those” shoes.

She misses her sister.

She misses her Daddy.

Could I curl her fake Rapunzel hair?


That one got her sent to time out.  No one tells this Momma, “NOW!” 

Mean Girl…

If she weren’t so darn cute, she’d be in time out more often. 

Now she’s figured out that if she acts like a total stinker, if she apologizes it usually makes it all better.

That little, “I’m sorry for being mean, naughty, lying (insert whatever naughtiness here), Momma.” 

Usually melts me to a big pile of goo.


One Comment on “>Four Going on Fourteen…”

  1. Jen says:

    >Ooh, I know this one. E just about landed in time out this morning for being disrespectful to me. She's testing whether she is actually required to listen to me or not. Hopefully Mea will settle back into her routine in a couple of days being back at it.

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