>Hall of Fame Bound?

>Mackenzie is staying in the city that Yellow State is in permanently.  Well, at least until she is done with school.  She and a couple of her friends have gotten an apartment.  The rent is quite affordable, less then the dorm.  The house that the apartment is part of is across the street from the College of Design, which is where the majority of her classes are.

Yesterday, she came up and got her car.  I tried to set some rules with it, since it’s a million years old, and has twice as many miles as that on it, but I know she’ll do what she wants.  I just hope that she doesn’t drive the 2 hours away to go visit her boyfriend at his college, her car would not last very long at all if she did this.

Part of the agreement in her living off campus was that she was to get a job.  I wasn’t going to help her pay her rent when she could come home and live here for free.  I think this only makes sense.  She wants to be treated like an adult, make adult decisions, she needs to be treated as such.

She applied for a part-time position with the company that I work for, only in Yellow State City, she didn’t get that job.  I was a little surprised, but I don’t think her fall schedule worked well with what they needed.  I honestly don’t think that she applied anywhere else.  I’ve asked over and over again where she had applied at, what she thought she was going to be doing just to get no answer, or “I’m scared to apply.”

She had only really ever had one job before, and it was at Dairy Queen.  One of her friends basically got her the job.  They have a “friend” referral application, so she didn’t even have to fill out a real application.  I think her interview there lasted ten minutes, and then she was hired.  Not a very good experience for interviews, etc.

When she came home to get the car yesterday, I asked again what she was going to do.

She has taken a job on campus as a student janitor.

This totally cracks me up.  The girl can’t clean her room.  I would have to beg to get the dishes done.  She does laundry when her clothes are standing up, or she runs out of underwear.

She has no idea what they are going to have her do.  She didn’t ask.  She just knows that it’s 8 hours of work a day, all summer long, at $9 bucks per hour.

We’ll see how long this lasts…

Hopefully she doesn’t have to do laundry.  Remember we had that whole cereal bowl in the washing machine incident.

Maybe she’ll learn some valuable skills.  You know there is a Hall of Fame for Janitors.  Stephen King and Jim Carrey are both in there….maybe someday, Mack will be too.

Like how to properly clean a toilet, or how to take out the trash, or how to vacuum more then just the middle of the room…


3 Comments on “>Hall of Fame Bound?”

  1. Jen says:

    >Best wishes to Mack on this new venture. At least she knows what it pays. A friend's son got his first job, came home, told the parents but couldn't answer what he was going to earn. 😉

  2. Kimberly says:

    >Ha! Hall of fame for janitors. I wish her all the best!!

  3. >You know she's driving to the other college. And when she breaks down, she will learn why she shouldn't have.

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