>The Bambino…

>Mea had her first softball practice yesterday.

It was a bit chilly, but I don’t think she noticed. 

I, on the other hand, froze my ass off in the bleachers for an hour.  I forgot about that part.  Next practice, remember a blanket for Momma. 

The practice started with them practicing grounders, which is really all they will ever do at this age.  Mea already knows what to do after hours of practice in the backyard with Daddy.  Here is where her boredom started.

They had to take turns.  When it wasn’t her turn, my kid was the one playing in the dirt.  Piling up piles of sand.  Swishing them over with her shoes.  Getting filthy.  That’s the point of softball at this age right?

Then they practiced batting off the tee.  A few other girls went first, Mea is still playing in the dirt.  It gets to Mea’s turn, her coach is trying to line her up on the left side of the plate to bat right handed.  Mea had gone to the right side of the tee, where she knows she needs to bat from.  I called out, “She’s a lefty!”  The coach mumbled something about, “Oh, great…”  I don’t quite know what difference it makes, but whatever.  There are plenty of famous left handed players, for crying out loud.  She sets her back up on the right, Mea’s in her stance, the coach starts explaining, I guess in her version of “softball little kid speak” for Mea to choke up on the bat.  I just hollered at her, “Mea, choke up!” 

The coach just looked at me, like “Oh, great,…one of those Mom’s.”  So, not the case, but we don’t baby Mea about anything really.  We have never baby talked to her, we tell her like it is.  Anyway, she choked up, and let loose, and hit a line drive past 3rd base.  Where no one was standing.  Once someone reminded her to run, she made it to first base with no problem.

Then they practiced fielding.  The coaches husband would hit balls to them, in turns to have them throw to first base, with the kids taking turns at first.  Mea’s interest was dwindling.  I think if it had been up to her at that point she’d have been making sand angels in the dirt. 

Softball girl.

Should be an interesting softball season.  There were two little girls who wouldn’t even step out onto the field.  Half of the team didn’t show up for practice, and God help the coach, Mea’s not the only lefty…


4 Comments on “>The Bambino…”

  1. Kimberly says:

    >Awww! Shes going to love it!

  2. Jen says:

    >A fellow south paw! 😉 I hope she has fun with it as the season wears on. Plus, she has such a great glove.

  3. >When I was on a t-ball team they had to stop the game and tell me to take the mitt of my head and stand up. Yeah. I wasn't MVP that year.

  4. […] May:  Mea had her first softball practice yesterday. […]

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