>Smells all Springy…

>I love living at my house in the Spring.  In April of 2002, we purchased this home.  I seriously think that I got suckered by the trees.  I love them.  The house is small, which I thought would be better at that time (less space to clean, less likely to turn into a revolving door for the big ones, etc.), it’s not.  I miss our big house we used to rent, all the time. 

Except for in the Spring.

Crab Apple Tree

We have six of these blooming right now.  Two white, two light pink, one dark pink, and one that is almost blood red.  They are so beautiful.  They also smell wonderful.  The whole neighborhood smells like their blossoms.

Soon when we get a hard rain, the flowers will be gone, and it will rain petals all over the yard, driveway, and street.  The petals will get tracked into the house by us, by the dog and anyone else who stops by.

But for now, they smell great, and they are just so nice to look at.

Remind me of this post if I start complaining in the Fall about the birds eating the crab apples off of our two female trees, and crapping all over the place….


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