Monday Ramblings…

Mea and I are home for the next two days. My sitter needs tomorrow off, and since I would be taking a day off in the middle of the week, I decided to just make it a long weekend.

Today, after I take the lady to school, I’m cleaning my house. I know, I really know how to live it up. I am getting her spring/summer clothes ready, but until it warms up around here, I’m hesitant to switch things out, I think they’ll be living in their tote for just a little longer. At least everything will be clean and ready to go for when it finally warms up.

It was 95 degrees here last Monday, today the high is 60. It’s crazy.

I bought many clothes for this girl last fall when summer stuff was on super clearance. I have a ton of shorts for her, I need to go find some shirts, and she’ll should be all set for summer.

I also need to finalize what I am doing for her birthday. It’s so hard to believe that she is going to be five in less than a month. We are having a gymnastics party. The gym she goes to will do open gym, for Mea and 10 of her friends for about $100. The whole party is only an hour and a half, and an hour is gym time. I think it should be fun. I’m buying mini-trophies, and little “olympic” type medals for the goodie bags. Maybe if I can find them, so medal chocolates or something like that.  Anyone have a good idea for the goodie bags?

These are a just a few plans for the day. Hopefully, I can get enough done today while she’s at school that I can just be lazy tomorrow.


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