I’m a Whyer, too…

Today, Mea asked her Dad why she asks “why?” all the time.  He told her he didn’t know, and then she came back with, “Because, I’m a Whyer, that’s why!”

Well obviously.  Why?  Why?  Why?

I am a “Whyer?” too.

Right now, the things to the top of my why list are…

  • Why can’t I still ground Mack?
  • Why doesn’t anyone listen to me?
  • Why do the things I do at work always seem to come to fruition at the wrong time?
  • Why do I always schedule myself on the Saturdays that I end up having stuff to do?
  • Why is Mother Nature dealing out ridiculous weather?  It is not fair to have 90 degree days one week, and then 50 degree days the next.  It’s May!  I should be able to pack the sweaters away.
  • Why did I get two more cats last Fall, ugh?
  • Why can’t my hair color last longer?


Why?  Why?  Why?

What are you whying about today?


3 Comments on “I’m a Whyer, too…”

  1. aleaderlost says:

    If it’s any consolation, mother nature is also driving me crazy! I live in Mississippi so I’m used to extrememe heat and humidity, and this random cold spurt is awful.
    I think my biggest “Why” right now is, “Why does gas REALLY have to be so expensive?” No, better yet: “Why don’t we have an alternative to gasoline yet?”
    But the hair color one is good, too. I’m so “rooty” right now it’s not even funny!
    Anyway, nice post. Got me thinking. 🙂

  2. Jen says:

    Why can’t I find more hours in the day?
    Why can’t I be so wealthy that I could afford help to clean the house?
    Why does my boss’s boss require me to drive into the office every day when I could very easily do the exact same work from home?
    Why can’t we achieve world peace?

    • I second the Why can’t I be wealthy enough to have help with the house. I’ve seriously thought about just cutting a corner somewhere just to do that. Then I think of my aunt who always spent the day cleaning the day before her maid came…

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