Not an Easy A…

So, my mighty Mack, has fallen.  She is officially on Academic Probation, again.  Her grades were better this time around, but not by much.

I tried to talk to her about the possibility of coming home and going to our community college for a little while, but she’s not having it.  She wants to give Yellow State one more go.  I have told her that she has one more semester to prove that she can do it, and then I’m pulling the financial plug.

I do believe that she can do it.  I know that she is capable.  She was in the top 15% of her graduating class.  It is possible.  She just needs to figure it out.  I don’t think that I can hold her hand and force this to work for her, she needs to do it on her own.

I tried explaining to her many times when she was in high school that college was different.  That she would have to work harder.  The things that came easy to her, may not come so easy in college.  She’s personable, and her professors may like her, but that only gets you so far.  Hard work, is usually what makes a difference.

As of right now, she is living in Yellow State City, in an apartment with friends.  She doesn’t have a job.  She has enough money in her checking and savings account to pay her rent next month, and that is it.  So in addition to this school stuff, she needs to find a job.  I’ve told her that I’m not paying her rent, when she could come home and live for free, and have a job.  Her previous employer had already agreed that she could work there this summer if she came home.

I think she’s mad at me.  I also think she’s mad at herself. 

I think it’s time for me to just butt out, and let her sink or swim.

The control freak in me has a hard time with this, but I know I can do it.  She’s not a little kid anymore.  I can’t sit her down and give her a lecture, (well, maybe I could…but it would go in one ear and out the other…) I can’t ground her, I can’t take privileges away like her phone and tv.

I just need to sit back, and see if she can do it.

I may just need to be ready to help pick up the pieces if she can’t do it.


2 Comments on “Not an Easy A…”

  1. Jen says:

    Oh my. I really, really hope she figures it out.

    • Kelly says:

      Me too. She’s making me crazy. I still keep hoping that I didn’t baby her too much. I may have some micromanaging tendencies…

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