Is She Brown, Mamma?

Lately, this has been the question out of Mea’s mouth more and more frequently.  We will be talking about whoever, it doesn’t really matter who, and her first question is if they are brown like her, or white like me.

We were on our way to a baby shower on Sunday, and she was asking me about the Momma-to-be, and asked if she was brown.  When I told her no, she asked me if the baby was going to be brown like her, then was the baby’s dad brown?  Sometimes, when I answer her, I can see the little wheels turning around over and over in her mind.  Just like she’s trying to figure out a puzzle, and almost has the answer.

We are a trans-racial family.  She knows she and Daddy are brown, Mack and Momma are white, and her other big sisters are mostly just tan, (in her words.)

We have been trying to be better about visiting with my husband’s family, so she can see more of her brown family, too.  It’s a little hard, with some of the family tension that happened last fall, and since my husband is reportedly done with his sister and her kids, specifically the niece that started all the family drama to begin with.

I’m happy that we were able to get her open enrollment approved with the school district, because the school she will be attending is much more diverse racially then the one she would have been forced to attend, had they not approved it.

I think it’s more than a little helpful that we were a trans-racial family to begin with.  We have already dealt with some things as a couple that make us prepared for things, and as parents to our other children.  More often than not, people just assume that we are Mea’s biological parents.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t ever insinuate that we are.  If someone asks about our family, I always tell them how our family was created.  I am incredibly proud to be an adoptive Momma, but I think it may make things a little easier on Mea that there are not a lot of questions, asked all the time, about our family building situation.

We have been trying to be more aware of the books we are buying, to make sure that all we have books about all races of people, and cultures. 

Also, games, clothes, music, basically anything I can think of to mix culture, history and diversity into our little world.

Tomorrow, I’m going to tell you about the summer camp I sent Mack to the summer she turned five.


One Comment on “Is She Brown, Mamma?”

  1. Jen says:

    Well done you. I have always hated when people see differences before similarity.

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