Mack’s Summer Camp

When Mack was on her way into Kindergarten, four years old going on five, I had an opportunity to send her to a really cool summer camp. 

I am really unsure as to who told me about it now, but it was awesome.  They took the kids swimming at least two days a week, they went on picnics, they went to museums, the science and art center, they went to the local amusement park, and had a weekend camping trip.  They had special groups come in to do activities with the groups of kids, just so much stuff.  Because I was a low-income, single mom at the time, the entire summer was only $110.

The true uniqueness of the experience came into play that Mack was the only white child that attended that summer.  The.  Only.  One. 

There were some kids that were mixed, there were some Asian kids, some Hispanics, but the majority were black, inner-city children.  Honestly, this sold me on the entire camp, for a few reasons.

I knew that the school she would be attending in the Fall was going to be predominantly caucasian.  I had attended the same elementary school as a child, and knew first hand how limited the diversity was there.

I didn’t want Mack to have any sense, of any kind, of racism.  At all.  I hoped that she would be someone who would never see color.  One that would never point out the differences, that would just be accepting of everyone, no matter what.

I felt that it would be a really good learning experience for her to be in the minority.

Overall, Mack had a wonderful time.  She has always been one to make friends wherever she went, so she soon had several close little buddies.  I don’t think she has ever known what my motive was in sending her there.  She just thought she went to have fun, which she did and then some.

The thing was, that when Mack started Kindergarten, she was friends with all the minority children.  There were more kids than I thought there would be in her class and in the school, and for that I was glad.

I think this experience was a great one.  I think that she learned so much, without even knowing that she did.  Sometimes these are the best kind of learning experiences we can give our children, where they learn something because of an experience, and don’t even realize it.  She has a colorful palate of family and friends. 

Even now, she is one who doesn’t discriminate based on physical appearance or ability.

Now it may be possible that she may have inherited a bit of my sarcasm, and snarkiness, but as far as I know, there is no summer camp to fix those particular traits.


One Comment on “Mack’s Summer Camp”

  1. Jen says:

    What? Sarcasm is a flaw? 😉

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