Pictures of You

Recently Mea has been asking over and over again to look at old pictures.  I have a lot.  There are tons of Mackenzie tons of Mea, and lots and lots from various things from when I had my first camera in hand until now.

Then Mea asked to see pictures of her Dad and I, when we were babies.  “Momma, I want to see pictures of you!” 

Pictures of my husband are scarce.  His family didn’t have a lot of money growing up, there were almost no professional pictures, and very few snap shots.  The few photos that I have of him from childhood, have been given to me by his aunts maybe one from his sister.

When Mea has seen photos of us from when we were little kids  she just totally cracks up.  I know that it’s hard to visualize your parents as kids, especially when you are just a little kid yourself.

Mea’s Daddy was a super smiley little guy, even way back when.  My husband still has a killer smile.

She just laughs and laughs at this picture of him.

I was a pretty smiley thing too.  She tells me that I looked cute…back then.  Such a little sassy thing, isn’t she? 

I do have to say, thank goodness for waxing and tweezers.  Holy cow!  How does an eighteen month old have that much eyebrow ever?


One Comment on “Pictures of You”

  1. Jen says:

    Love the smiles!

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