Over the weekend, we had a couple of issues.

I caught both of the kittens peeing in my house.  Both of them.

I already had to deal with cat pee once before, with our old cat Nala.  These kittens were still under a year old.  I wasn’t going to mess with it again.  I feel like a horrible pet owner, but they had to go.

My Mom works for our vet, and she agreed.  Once they start peeing where they aren’t supposed to, they don’t usually stop.  We made the very difficult decision to take them to the local rescue league.

We were all sad.  They were nice kitties.  I just could not have them ruining my house.  When I suspected they were doing it, but couldn’t catch them in the act, I put out an extra cat box, I tried to isolate them during the day when we weren’t home, I looked at different things online to see if I could fix it.  They just kept doing it.  I took them to the vet to make sure they didn’t have UTI’s.  Nada.  Catching them both in the act on the same day, that was just the last straw.  If they were going to just do it right in front of me, they weren’t ever going to stop.

Mack had already planned on taking our older cat, (her cat) Olive to Yellow State City with her.  She is just waiting for some money to pay the pet deposit, and then she is going to take her.

This was going to leave us with our Winston, and that was it.  Winston actually liked the cats.  He tried to play with them, whether they hated him or not.

Mea was especially sad.  We bought a fish on Saturday.  She asked me more than once if she could hold it.  A fish is nice, but not so cuddly.

Then my husband said the magic words.  “Maybe we should get a puppy?”

It was on.

I am allergic to them, so we need to have a poo-mix or a chon-mix of some sort, so I don’t die a death of sneezing.  I found a few pups to look at, and then let him take a look.  We ended up with a Havapoo.  Half Havanese, half poodle.

He is so cute.  Winston doesn’t quite know what to think of him, but I think he’s growing on him.  It’s only been two days, so he needs a little time.

He’s been a good boy so far.  He’s getting the hang of going potty outside.  He was groomed yesterday, and looks even cuter then he did when we picked him out.  (This photo is after his groom.)

He’s going to be a nice addition to the family.


3 Comments on “Franklyn”

  1. Jen says:

    What a cutie!! I’m so allergic to cats, I break out in hives just visiting my parents house, even if they’ve vacuumed and stuff before I get there.

  2. Libby says:

    Cute boy. Sorry for the kitties, but I understand. We still are getting rid of the pee smell from a cat who died almost two years ago…

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