Hollaback Mom?

For a while now, my sister and I have been just dying over Facebook posts written by her Mother-in-Law.  Not just a little dying, but seriously cracking up laughing, and it’s starting to get out of hand.

Her MIL is 55.  She’s considerably younger than our parents, but super conservative.  Seriously, super conservative.  I think that’s where this is becoming super funny to us.

She will post something about her vegetables, or working in her garden, or canning, and end it with “Holla!” 

A couple of examples…

“My corn and cucumbers are coming up!  Holla!”

“I have my fishing license!  Holla!”

“I put up my sweet pickles!  Holla!  Holla!”

As much as we haven’t wanted to, my sister and our friends that know about this, have been occasionally “Hollaing” at each other.  Sometimes it will show up in a post about nothing in particular, or a text or whatever.  Yesterday, our friend posted this…”I have baby tomatoes, baby apples, and my beans have sprouted.  Yeah!  (holla)”

I usually just will randomly text a “Holla!” to my sister or my brother-in-law to see if they are paying attention.

I know there is much worse things she could be trying to say.

According to the Urban Dictionary she could be saying things like, “Word up, kids!  Yo yo yo the notorious M.O.M is in the house, homeyz!”

Or she could be talking about Beef Walks, or other horrible things, that I can’t even type on here or link to.

For right now, we will just laugh.  I kind of can’t wait to see if she comes up with another one.

I’ll holla atcha all later!


One Comment on “Hollaback Mom?”

  1. Jen says:

    Oh my. I’d have to be hands away from the keyboard on this one. It’s just too tempting.

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