What RSVP Really Means…

Most people probably know that when you RSVP for a party you are being polite.  RSVP stands for “répondez, s’il vous plaît,” which means “Respond, Please.”

Truthfully, no one RSVP’s anymore, except for my best friends grandmother, who is 95 years old.  It’s sad.  This should just be considered a nice thing to do.

My Mea, and her cousin have birthday’s within a week of each other.  Mea’s birthday is on Friday (how is it possible that she is going to be FIVE?) and my niece will be six on the following Friday.  My sister and I are both in the midst of RSVP hell.

No one does this anymore.  I know that of the ten kids we invited, 4 will for sure be there.  I know they will be there because they are family, and they are coming with me.  This means that every non-family kid we invited hasn’t responded.  Three from school, and three from daycare.

I have ordered cupcakes for all of them, I’ve reserved the Gym for the party for all of them (we are having a gymnastics party), I have goodie bags for all of them.  Annoying.  If I didn’t have the stuff then I know for sure that they would all be showing up.  Without a doubt.

I suppose the important thing is that Mea will have fun, no matter which kids come.  Just being their with her sister, cousins and nieces will be a fun time for her.  

But seriously, RSVP should mean, Respond Stupid Vapid People!

Maybe I should put that on next years invitation?  It might get the point across that I really wan them to call or email me, so I have a head count.  Then again, maybe this is why I don’t have more mom friends.


3 Comments on “What RSVP Really Means…”

  1. Libby says:

    Here in Utah RSVP just means there will probably be free food, so be sure to bring your whole family…

    Good luck!

  2. Jen says:

    You’ve got to be kidding me?!! E’s birthday is this Friday. Whoa. (yes, I’m in the midst of mommy freak out about FIVE).

    Best of luck with your party, I hope the day is wonderful.

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