An Expert.

Yesterday afternoon, Mack sent me a photo of her new name badge for her job at Penney’s.  She has finally completed her training, and started working on the floor yesterday for the first time.

She is really liking this job so far.  Which is a great thing.

Since she started this job in the Lingerie Department, and Jewelry sales, she was also finally called for a job at Yellow State.  In the call center.  Making calls to alumni, students, whoever, asking for money.  She does a fine job asking me for money, so I figured her persuasive ways would work well.  I also thought that considering her love of the phone, and talking on it, she would have just been a total natural at this job.  If we take into consideration my last bill for our cell phone service, it would have been a no brainer that she’d have been a total rock star at working the phones.  Last month, my darling daughter, used all of our anytime minutes, all of our rollover minutes, and went over by 1200 minutes in the first two weeks of our plan cycle, totalling well over 5000 minutes in two weeks, that is 83 hours on the phone, I’m not lying.  When I went online to pay the bill and saw an almost $400 cell phone bill, I nearly stroked out.  Our carrier graciously took care of this crazy overage, which is lucky for Mack, because the other choice was slave labor for her.

Anyway, the call center job is stressing her out.  They made her ROLEPLAY, which I chuckled at.  She better get used to it.  Most jobs where you have to deal with the public or people, make you roleplay whether you like it or not.  One of the other students did something to make her feel stupid, and she was upset about that.  I told her not to worry about it.  If he was taking the call center job so seriously, he probably is going to be a bill collector or something when he grows up.  She said, “No, Mom, an engineer.”  I still say when he drops out because it’s too hard, or when things get rough he’ll fall back on calling people for money.  Especially if he is a jerk, I think it takes a special breed of person to be in collections. 

So back to Penney’s.  Yesterday, they presented her with a special pin to place on her name tag.


She was very excited to get this special pin.  It certifies that she is an expert in lingerie and shapewear.  She said that when they gave it to her, she acted excited and the lady looked at her weird.  I wonder why? 

With her training firmly under her belt, or I should say under her bra, she has been giving me little lectures about bra facts.  Eighty-five percent of women wear the wrong bra size, your boobs change six times in your life, etc. and so on.

So, I have decided that she is now a Boobologist.  An expert in all manner of boobs.

I have announced to all my friends and family on Facebook about her newfound career path, and have been sending her all the boobie jokes I can find. 

Any and all jokes I can send her would be appreciated.  It’s all in love, kids.  All in love.

If we can’t tease those we love, who can we properly tease?


2 Comments on “An Expert.”

  1. Libby says:

    I’m not showing that to my husband. He’s been claiming to be a boobologist for years.

  2. Jen says:

    It’s so nice how supportive you are… Ok, that sounded funnier in my head.

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