Two Weeks In…

Mea is two weeks into being a five-year old as of today.

I hope that this little phase she is going through gets over with quickly.  If it doesn’t you may find me cowering in the corner of my closet, with a bottle of some sort of booze crying to myself.  


Five is a kind of tough age.  One minute Mea wants to sit on my lap and snuggle, the next minute she’s yelling at me “You’re MEAN!”  I hear this at least once a day.  Once a day, too many.  I’m getting tired of being told I’m mean all the time.  I’m not mean.  Just because I say you can’t run around like a maniac in the parking lot at gymnastics, you know where there are cars driving in and out and all around, doesn’t make me mean.  Just because you want to stay outside, when I say it’s time to go in, doesn’t mean I am mean.  Maybe I don’t want you to get bitten by killer mosquito’s and have to listen to you whine about how they itch, and hurt?  When I say you don’t need to splash all of the water outside of the bathtub, I’m not being mean either, I just don’t want to clean up yet another mess.

Five is also the age where kids start to learn to lie.  I haven’t seen this much from Mea, but a couple of her friends are total liars.  We’ve already talked about how bad lying is, so hopefully she gets it that it’s a bad, bad idea.

It’s also an age where kids can get influenced pretty easy by the other kids.  At the sitter’s, Mea has a few really good buddies.  One is back just for the summer, and she has been such a little bossy butt.  She has been trying to get Mea to say mean things to the other girls.  Like, “You were invited to my birthday party this year, but not next year.”  Maddie and Emma were so upset they both cried and cried.  When I found out, I told her friend that maybe she shouldn’t be invited next year because she was mean to the other girls, and that she can’t pick who Mea is friends with, she can be friends with whoever she wants. 

Mea, who never gets in trouble at daycare, had to have a timeout yesterday for the first time in four years because she told Emma or Maddie something mean that the other girl told her to say.  For the first time ever.  She was super upset about having the timeout, because everyone knows that she’s the “good girl.”

So Mea and I had a little talk last night.  About being nice to ALL of our friends.  About not doing or saying things to others just because that other girl tells her too.  About never lying to Momma or Daddy.  About stopping saying that I’m mean all the time. 

It probably went in one ear and out the other, but at least I said my peace.

Hopefully, this is a quick phase, I don’t know how much room there is in my closet for cowering. 

I may need to get “Mean Momma” tattooed on me somewhere, just to prove that I mean business.  I’d rather be mean then a push-over.


2 Comments on “Two Weeks In…”

  1. 3catsandababy says:

    Being told you are a mean mom is how you know you are doing it right!! You care enough to be “mean.”

  2. Libby says:

    I’ve heard you’re mean. I can’t remember where though…

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