Oh, Jackie…

There is a new traffic reporter on our local news station that we watch in the morning.  Her name is Jackie. 

The station did a mass try-out, narrowed the results down to four or five candidates, they had a trial on the air, and then the viewers voted on who they liked best.

Somehow, my husband and I both missed Jackie’s try-out.

Neither of us voted.  This is one of those you don’t vote you get stuck with whoever does get voted in scenarios.

So far it seems that personality wise Jackie is, okay.  She’s very bubbly in the morning, which is a little annoying when I’m waiting for my coffee to kick in, but overall she seems personable.

The main things we have noticed with Dear Jackie…

  • She wears a LOT of makeup.
  • She likes big earrings.
  • She had a favorite belt with a ginormous belt buckle that she wears daily, you could eat a salad off of that thing.
  • She wears the same pants every single day.  Sometimes the same jacket if she wears one.
  • Sometimes she rolls the sleeves of the jacket up to make it look a little different.

Here are the last four news days with Jackie.  Starting with last Thursday, through today.

Jackie Thursday 06/23/2011

Please note the make up and belt buckle.

Jackie Friday 06/24/2011 same pants, same jacket, same belt buckle...

I realize from my lovely cell phone pictures of my television, you are not catching this in all of its glory, but let’s move on to Monday.

Monday 06/27/2011 Hmmm, no jacket. same pants, same belt buckle.

Jackie has bad posture.  I’m also sure you can’t see this, but those are gold sequins on her sleeves.

Tuesday 06/28/2011 Same jacket, same pants, same belt buckle.

Let’s just say that all the days have been like this.  A different colored t-shirt of some kind, jacket sleeves sometimes rolled up or down, same exact pants, and same giant belt buckle that makes her look like a cowgirl.

I am no fashionista.  I don’t spend a lot of money on clothes, but because I deal with the public everyday, I make sure that I do not wear the same outfit twice in one week, sometimes not the same one in two weeks.  I have my favorite pants.  The ones that fit the best of any others I have ever found, I have bought multiple pairs, but in a slew of colors, so I don’t look like I’m wearing the same pants every single day.  I also have a favorite skirt, that I have in four different colors, but I don’t wear them four days a week.

So it is what it is.  She’s the traffic girl.  She wears too much make-up, and she wears the same pants every single day.  Could someone give this girl a clothing allowance or something? 

 She is on TV after all.


5 Comments on “Oh, Jackie…”

  1. Les says:

    Wow. I would think someone at the station would help her out with her wardrobe!

    • Kelly says:

      That’s what I’ve been thinking all along! A few tips from the people who have been there a while? Or a stylist? That belt buckle it the thing that gets me…

  2. Heather says:

    I was totally confused as to why a traffic person was even required in the first place. Anymore, I’m up and out the door without any time to sit down and watch her. Which is probably all the same since she sort of annoys me.

  3. Libby says:

    She should have a clothing allowance. If your market is big enough to need a traffic reporter it is big enough to make sure they don’t look like keno dealers.

    • Kelly says:

      Every morning when she is on my husband even says something about her wearing the same clothes and the dinner plate belt buckle. You know if HE notices, it’s got to be pretty obvious.

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