Sunset Orange Massacre…

All kids have a love of, all things bubbles. 

Mea has a ton of bubble stuff.  A bubble lawnmower, big bubble maker things, little ones, a bubble gun, a gallon jug of bubble stuff for all her assorted bubble making things.

A week ago, my Mom and Sister were out shopping, and they came across Crayola Colored Bubbles.  They are by Crayola, and say they wash off.  We’ll see about that.  I haven’t done laundry since the massacre happened.

Nana bought Mea Sunset Orange.  My oldest niece got Wild Blue Yonder, and my younger niece got Pink Flamingo.

My sister warned me before Mea tried them.  That these were insanely messy.  She kind of left it at that.  Jerk.

Yesterday, Mea did them for the first time. 

Mea is not a neat bubble blower.  To say she’s not neat is an understatement.  Bubble blowing is always followed by a bath or shower, because to some short people blowing bubbles means you should cover yourself in gooey bubble stuff.

This time we covered ourself with gooey Sunset Orange Bubble Stuff.

I did not get a picture of Mea covered in goo, because I was so focused on getting her into the shower, to hose her off before she touched anything.  It was a sight, let me tell you.

Bubble Crime Scene Photo


This was one spot on the cement.  The Bubble Massacre is actually all over the entire driveway.

After we were done, I called my sister and chewed her out for not telling me.  She thought it was pretty hilarious.  Then again, since her youngest had pink, which really looked blood-red, she really had a massacre on her hands.

While pulling up the Crayola website to link to it, I also found numerous complaints about how evil the colored bubbles are.  The actual Crayola website does state, “Get ready for colorful, messy outdoor fun.”  It also says to soak clothes for 20 minutes in laundry detergent to get the stains out.  Seriously.  That is no where on the label of the bubbles.

Good thing Mea was in her play clothes from the sitter that I don’t really care about. 

Crayola Colored Bubbles, Sunset Orange


Next time she wants to blow bubbles, I think I’ll let her do it naked.


2 Comments on “Sunset Orange Massacre…”

  1. Jen says:

    Oh my, that looks awful! I really hope it does come out. E loves bubbles too. I found a huge jar of bubble stuff at Target that works well and doesn’t stain. 🙂

  2. Heather says:

    I hope the stains come out. I have heard about those bubbles and how hard they are to clean out of clothes. Zack LOVES bubbles but I will be making him stick to the regular kind. 🙂

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