Like a Scooby Doo Mystery…

I have forgotten what it’s like to have an actual puppy in the house.

We are all in process of retraining our habits.

No shoes on the floor.

No toys of any shape or size on the floor, or lowish surfaces.

Franklyn can find things no one even knew were there.  Seriously.

Last week, he did find my favorite flip-flops, that have been missing all summer.  I don’t even know where he found them, but all of a sudden, there he was chewing on them. 

He has chewed on doll house people.  He has eaten a few littlest pet shops.  No stuffed animals are safe, he thinks they are all his.  He really likes Mea’s beaded necklaces for dress up, we’ve gone through quite a few of them.

So we all have been doing better at keeping things up off the floor or out of puppy sight.  He has actually been chewing on his own toys.

Until the last couple of days.

I would be right by him, everything would be fine, I’d leave the room, and there would be shredded paper everywhere.  I would clean it up.  Wondering to myself, “Where in the hell did he find paper?”

Then it would happen again.

And again.

And again.

Finally found the source of the paper.  Got it out of his little puppy sight.  Solved that mystery. 

Then I start finding shredded tissues everywhere.

There is nothing worse than shredded tissues.  Especially, with puppy slobber all over them.

I couldn’t figure out where the tissues were coming from. 

So, I pick them up, and throw them away.

And then it happens, again.

And again.

And again.

You get the picture…I finally catch him getting into the little trash can in our living room, where I had been throwing the shredded tissues away. 

So I empty the trash can.  Inform everyone that it cannot get too full, otherwise Franklyn can reach into the trash to pull stuff out. 

Mystery solved.

Then the tissues start resurfacing.  All over the place.  Everywhere.  The bedrooms, the bathroom, the kitchen, in his kennel. 

I.  Can’t.  Keep.  UP!

Where in the hell is he getting the tissues from?




How about out of the stupid tissue box? 

Mystery solved yet again.

Until next time that is.


One Comment on “Like a Scooby Doo Mystery…”

  1. Jen says:

    Oooh, this is helpful to remind me why I opted No on the last thought process on puppy ownership. 😉 Good luck.

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