On Video…

There is a video monitor in the lobby of my office.  One where you can watch yourself walk in the door, and out the door, and all around the entry way. 

Typically these are a source of deterants for violations.  Usually, it works for that.  When the bad guys walk in and look up and see themselves, they will usually walk out. 

The rest of the time, the monitor is pure entertainment for all the children who have to come here with their parent, grandparent, etc.  Dancing, face making, hiding from view, all of these things are a super fun time for kids waiting for their parents to conduct whatever business they are here to conduct.

Sometimes the parents get annoyed.

Sometimes they get down right mad.

Sometimes they ignore their kids.

Sometimes, I think that they agree with me, that the kids are pretty hilarious to watch.

They are funny. 

They get so caught up with seeing themselves on TV, that they forget that there are other people in the room.  They are putting on a show for themselves.  They are truly the funniest when they think no one is watching, and if there is a sibling group or a bunch of kids, it gets even wilder.  They dance, they run around, they make faces, they hide and jump back into the monitors view.  When Mea comes up here with our sitter or her Dad she gets really silly, and does all of this too.

I remember walking through Sears with my Dad, way back when, and doing the same thing.  Then again, way back then, it was an old school VHS video camera or maybe even a Betamax Camera, with the big tapes, on a huge old school TV in a stereo cabinet or something.  Look, I’m on TV!

When they get caught in the act they get embarrassed, and hide behind mom or dad’s legs. 

They get rewarded with a sucker, because all the kids who come here do.


2 Comments on “On Video…”

  1. Jen says:

    I remember doing that when I was a kid. It was so fun to be on TV! I bet that would be a constant source of entertainment at the office.

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