The Heat is Getting to Me…

It is official.  The heat is starting to get under my skin.  It is starting to affect my brain.  It is totally melting me from the outside in.

I don’t care if it is humid heat, dry heat,  heat from the freaking hair dryer or curling iron.  If it is over 100 degrees, and they start talking about the heat index being over 115, that is too fucking hot.

The last four days the heat index has been over 115 degrees.  It only looks like it’s going to get worse the rest of the week.  It could be worse, I suppose.  My sister’s air conditioner went out in her house on Monday.  The heating and cooling people were able to come out and take a look at it yesterday, but it would cost $45oo to fix and the thing is 42 years old.  Not quite worth fixing.  The furnace that they have is older than that.  Hopefully, their guys are able to get their new ones all installed today.  In the meantime, her entire family, pets included, are staying at my parents house.

So the last few days have been about trying to stay cool.  At daycare, they play outside in the morning, until lunch time, and then they have been inside the rest of the day.  Mea is sick of the heat advisor.  She wants him to do a better job.  She told me so.  “Momma, the heat advisor says it’s too hot to play outside again today!”

We have filled up her swimming pool, and have let her swim for a bit in the evenings.  My husband and I are taking turns sweating to death outside while she’s cool in the pool.  Yesterday he hooked her up with this swimming pool sprinkler combo.  It was nice and cool.  For her.

Daddy hooked me up!

We have decided that the horrible orange bubbles are a good swimming time finale.  When she gets done, I can hose her off.  Just so you can see what she actually looks like after the Sunset Orange Massacre, here is a photo.

I'm gonna touch you, Momma!

After swimming and bubbles, we came inside, I fed my child dinner twice.  Two grilled cheese sandwiches, chips, and an entire bowl of watermelon and strawberries.  She was HUNGRY!  Then I go to get her out of her swimming suit, and into some jammies.

Me:  Here you go Mea, here are you jammies!

Mea:  I want jammies with sleeves on them, Momma!  Not those ones.

Me:  (Puts the cool offending jammies back, and pulls out a different pair with short sleeves.)

Mea:  Not those JAMMIES!  Warm jammies, with arms, I’m colllllllllddddd!  (Pretends to shiver and shake.)

Me:  Mea you are going to sweat to death, it’s a million degrees outside. 

Mea:  It is cold in here. 

Me:  Whatever, put your jammies on.  You choose.

A few minutes later, she comes out wearing these…

Someone is a little coo coo.

She slept in them.  I would have turned into a giant puddle of sweat in the middle of my bed.

I guess we should be thankful that we have air conditioning to make her cold enough that she can wear her Christmas jammies all year-long, right?


3 Comments on “The Heat is Getting to Me…”

  1. Heather says:

    I often wear sweat pants to bed, even in the summer. Although I draw the line at long sleaves. Zack on the other hand could probably wear short sleaves year round because he is so warm when he sleeps.

  2. Jen says:

    Kids are hilarious! Wow, that is the picture of an A/C house. 🙂 E walked around in a tank top and tights last night. I have no idea why, she just wanted the tights. I can’t cope with the heat either.

    • Kelly says:

      It really wasn’t even all that cold in the house. She was eating a popsicle because she was “hot.” I suggested changing jammies, but she wanted no part of it. Kids are weird.

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