Time Out.

Yesterday, Mea had her first time-out at daycare, ever.  In the four years that she has been home, she has been going to the same sitter since the very beginning. 

When I got there to pick her up yesterday, she was just sitting.  Curled up in the chair, just doing nothing.  Then as I was told the story by Lois she started melting down.  Bottom lip quivering, and pouting out, tear welling up in her big brown eyes.

There are five little girls that are 5 to 6 years old.  They will all be going into Kindergarten in the fall.  There are only three of these girls, including Mea, that have been there all year.  Two are back for the summer only.  One of the “summer only” girls, Alice*, has been one of Mea’s good friends.  They haven’t seen much of each other in the last year since she had gone to a different daycare while school was in session.  An occaisional playdate, either at our house or theirs, but that is it.

I have had a few issues with Alice.  She is a brat.  She is spoiled.  She has a mouth on her, and will talk back to whoever she pleases.  It does surprise me that she is such a snot.  Her parents for the most part seem like they are pretty together with everything.  The thing is, I think that Alice is never told no.

So pretty much all summer so far, Mea has come home and had some story or another about how Alice was being mean to her, being mean to the other girls, or how Alice got in trouble today.  For a time, when she was saying mean things to Mea, Mea wasn’t saying anything to Lois about it.  She’d just let her be mean.  When I got wind of it, I made sure that Mea knew that she needed to tell Lois if Alice was being mean to her, or if she was being mean to the other girls.

It had worked so far.  Then yesterday, Mea was playing Legos with, Mildred*, one of the other girls.  Alice came over to her, and said, “Mea, quit playing with Mildred, and come play with me.  Mildred is stupid.”  Mea actually did what Alice told her to do, and in doing so, also said something mean to Mildred herself.

Lois watched the whole thing go down. 

When she pulled Mea aside to talk to her about it, she told Lois, “I don’t have to listen to you!”

Lois, then told her that she cannot talk to her like that, that she does have to listen to her, and that she needed to apologize.

Mea replied with, “My Momma says I can.”

So basically from there, Lois told her that she knew I would be disappointed in her talking like that to any grown-up, and that she needed to apologize to Mildred, and then she was going to have a time out.

Lois had never heard or seen Mea cry.  I mean really cry, like when she gets in trouble.  She got to see the crocodile tears, the hysteria, and the complete and total meltdown. 

Alice got a time out as well.

So when I was getting the story, the meltdown started all over again.

Bottom line, Mea knows she was wrong.  She knows that she needs to be nice to everyone, and not do what people tell her to do, and that she needs to go tell Lois if someone is being mean to her. 

Maybe it was wrong of me, but I did post something on Facebook about it, and when Alice’s mom commented on it, I just let her know that it had been happening.  That Alice is playing ring leader, being jealous, etc.  She didn’t reply to my response.

Who would believe that peer pressure to do stupid mean stuff starts this young?  Then again, they are girls, and they can be evil little bitches.  My gut tells me that Alice is going to be one of those, she’s kind of acting like she’s predispositioned to be a mean girl…

*  I changed their names obviously. 

Also, because it’s Thursday, how about a recipe for my favorite punch in the whole world.  Usually party punch is kind of nasty.  I hate that sherbert kind, weird mixed juices, etc.  This is so yummy, I like to make a little at a time, just to drink it.  Seriously.

Kelly’s Punchy Punch

1 package Cherry Koolaid

1 package Strawberry Koolaid

2 cups of sugar

6oz can of frozen Orange Juice Concentrate

6oz can of frozen Lemonade Concentrate

2 Quarts Water

1 2-liter of ginger ale

Mix koolaids, sugar and concentrates until when mixed up.  You can go ahead and add the water, but do not add the ginger ale until you are ready to serve.  Super delicious.  Seriously.


3 Comments on “Time Out.”

  1. Jen says:

    Wow, her first time out ever. That might be a record. I’m glad that Lois enforced the rules and Mea understands she was wrong. E had a quasi-friend who is just like that and I cringe whenever they play. I’m actually kind of glad that they will be seperated by school soon.

    • Kelly says:

      Let me clarify, first time out ever at Lolo’s. Not first time out ever. I often question how it’s possible that she is THAT good at Lolo’s. But they all say so, Lolo, her husband, her adult kids. Why can’t she be that perfect angel at home? Lol.

  2. Great post thanks for sharing. Feel free to check out the recipe I posted.

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