Ignorance is Bliss?

No, I don’t think so.

Be prepared, ranty vent is coming…

Yesterday, on the news there was a story about a local woman, who works for a rather large employer in our area, who is being threatened by co-workers.  They do not want her to work there any longer. 

They made it very clear, when they spray painted her white garage door with a very racist word, in green spray paint, telling her she isn’t wanted there anymore.  With the addition of a white doll with black face painted on it, hanging from a rope. 

No, I’m not joking.

It still is making me sick.

I copied the news story to my Facebook wall, and said something to the effect of how wrong it is.

I would say that the majority of people would agree.  It’s beyond wrong.

My Uncle just commented on it, by saying, “There has to be more to the story, people don’t go high-profile stupid on a whim.”

As if that is any kind of excuse.

I cannot even begin to believe that any member of my family, extended or not, would have the nerve to say anything like this.  I was worried that I took his comment out of context to what he was trying to say.  I asked my Mom and my sister what they thought, and they both think he’s being ignorant. 

The thing that I cannot believe is that this could come from him, he is an extremely educated man.  Owns his own international business, holds two Master’s Degrees.  How could he be on board with the “Ignorance is Bliss” crowd? 

What if this had happened at my home?  Would he have sided with the haters, and think that we deserved it?  Or that there was more to that story as well?  We had a neighbor down the street that had crap spray painted on his driveway a few years ago.  It easily could have been us.  Or you.  Or someone you know.  Unfortunately, racism is not dead my friends.  Not at all.

If I came outside to see this mess, the boiling rage would have taken years to calm down.  I don’t care who you are, what color you are, or what you do in your own home.  Just leave me and mine alone.

I haven’t replied to my Uncle’s comment as of yet.  I need to think of the words that I will say.  If I say them now, it could come across incoherent, and that is not how the reply to this should sound. 

 This whole story, with the addition of my Uncle’s words, makes me wonder what people really think about me and my family.

I’ve got news for anyone who thinks or says any kind of racist remarks about me or any member of my family or any of my trans-racial friends.  You don’t want to mess with me, or my house.  I would raise hell and press charges in a nanosecond.


4 Comments on “Ignorance is Bliss?”

  1. Jules says:

    Oh my God! That’s horrible! I had no idea idiots like that still exist.

    • Kelly says:

      I ended up saying this, “It doesn’t matter if there is more to the story. What if this had happened to us?” I am sure knowing my uncle he will have something to say. I have been so pissed off all day.

  2. Jen says:

    Ugh. Things like this generally leave me in a stupified place with no words. I just don’t get it.

  3. Heather says:

    I couldn’t believe this story either. She said she reported it to the HR department of the company and they did nothing. My guess is because she is doing a typical “man’s” job they are probably targeting her and trying to make her quit. I was just appaled that if she knew who it was the HR department wouldn’t do more to help her.

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