Mea Helps, Plays and Cooks…

So considering that my Mea is the bug bite queen of the world, you would think that she would be happy to be inside when it’s a million degrees outside, and the humidity is 199%.

But she’s not.

She gets so mad when she has to come inside.  She seriously, if given the choice, would stay outside from the moment her eyes open in the morning, until they flutter closed at night.  The heat does not seem to affect her at all. 

I, on the other hand, turn into a whining, bawl baby when it is this hot.  I would seriously rather have to shovel snow, I hate the heat that much.

We had a busy weekend.  I had coordinated for my office to have a booth at the annual Italian Festival.  I worked the booth myself, and with some coworkers on Friday, had some employees covering the booth Friday evening, and Saturday during the day, and then brought my husband and Mea out to help me Saturday night.  It is a fun time.  We know many people there, and get to see a lot of people that we don’t get to see on a regular basis.  Mea had a great time.  She tattooed anyone she could get to hold still long enough, including me, and my other employees that were there.  She also made it a goal to cover as much of her own skin that was showing as she possibly could with temporary tattoos.  I drew the line at her forehead.  She did manage to get one on each cheek before the night was over.

On Sunday, we got to take it pretty easy.  Someone’s Daddy filled up the pool for her, and she got to swim.  When she wasn’t swimming, she was hanging out in the gazebo. 


Somebody’s Daddy, went and bought Little Miss Outside a gazebo for the driveway.  To keep the bugs off of her, so she can still be outside.  She thinks it’s her bedroom.  See how she is sitting in my chair watching a movie?  Outside?  She had been coloring, and playing with her dead locust shell collection before that.  Please note the mess.  It’s just like her bedroom.
When I finally got her inside yesterday, she insisted on playing with her kitchen stuff.  She thinks it is ever so funny to “make” me things for dinner that I do not like to eat in real life.  It is funny because, I refuse to eat even her fake food.  I will go on and on about how she’s trying to poison me, that I’m allergic to it, and that I hate “whatever” it is sooo much.  We can go on and on with this game. 
This is what she served me up yesterday.


Now, to most of you, you are probably thinking why is Mea playing with a pot of hair ties?  Those aren’t peas…  This is where you would stand corrected.  These are peas.  They are corn.  They are macaroni.  They are whatever her crazy imagination wants them to be.  I had found all of these terry cloth pony-o’s that I had bought when Mea was really little.  I didn’t ever get around to using them, and I have since decided that they get stuck in her hair too easy.  They were supposed to be in her Barbie tote, to be used in Barbie’s hair. 

I had no idea that they were peas and carrots.  I’m glad they didn’t rot.


3 Comments on “Mea Helps, Plays and Cooks…”

  1. Jen says:

    LOL!!! E does this same thing with her “cooking”. I got magnets in a pot the other day. I hate the heat too. It sucks the life out of me and I loathe it. Ugh. The pic of Mea (or MeaMea as I think of her) in her outside room is precious.

    • Kelly says:

      So funny that you think of her as MeaMea. Everybody calls her that. All the kids at daycare, most of all of us. It just rolls off your tongue that way, doesn’t it?

  2. […] August:  So considering that my Mea is the bug bite queen of the world, you would think that she would be happy to be inside when it’s a million degrees outside, and the humidity is 199% […]

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