Fairy Dust…

Mea loves to sidewalk chalk.

It is outside, and you know any activity that is outside, and messy is right up her alley.

For some reason the kids at her daycare like to make what they call “Fairy Dust.”  I call it a big fat mess.  The funny thing with “Fairy Dust” is Mack did this too.  In fact, many of the things that Mea does at daycare, have been passed down from generation to generation of kids, and they are all doing the same things.  I wouldn’t have thought that traditions would form at your in home daycare like that, but they do.

So that you all know what I am talking about, “Fairy Dust” is taking a piece of sidewalk chalk, rubbing it back and forth over and over in the same spot, until the entire piece of chalk turns into dust.  Often, after creating fairy dust, for whatever reason, they scoop up the dust in a dust pan and then dump it into a sandwich baggies.  For what purpose, I have no idea.  They all think it’s the coolest thing ever.

Making Fairy Dust

Making Fairy Dust is a messy, messy process.  There have been I don’t know how many times where Mea has attempted to bring her baggie full of chalk dust into my car at the end of the night.  I have been lucky so far in avoiding this.  (I know how she rolls.  She is a little pig pen looking for a place to go.)

Sidewalk chalking is messy business...

See the blob by her knee?  This is a pile of fairy dust.  Multiple colors were used in this pile.  That pink thing, is a bus full of kids.  I forget where they were going.

Picasso hard at work...

I”m pretty sure that this last photo explains why immediately after sidewalk chalking, or “Fairy Dust” making Mea has to head straight to the bath.  She is filthy.
Dress does straight to the washer, shoes go under the hose, child right into the bath. 
Usually, after making a master-piece like this, she is quite tired and ready for bed.  After cleaning her up, so am I.

One Comment on “Fairy Dust…”

  1. Jen says:

    E goes in fits and starts with the sidewalk chalking, but hasn’t taken to rolling in it yet… Nice to see the creativity coming out, even if it’s lotso work.

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