Mackenzie is making me crazy.  She cannot decide what she wants, ever.

I know this is because she is nineteen.  It doesn’t make me any less crazy.

She had a job at the call center at the college, calling people begging for money to donate to Yellow State.  She hated it.  Calling people was stupid, there was some engineering student that made her feel dumb during role play.  (Role play is stupid, no one should be that serious about role-playing unless they are a nerdy gamer.)  She just quit going one day, after working there for three days.

She has a job at JC Penney’s.  She hates it.  Retail is stupid.  The Intimates Department is slow. 

She just got a job in one of the cafeteria’s at school.  Food prep, dishes, cleaning, etc.

She wants to quit Penney’s now.

She owes me about a million dollars.

The Bank of Mom, is about to go under, and there is no FDIC insurance to fall back on here.

I think I convinced her that she needs to hang onto the boring retail job, to make sure that she likes the cafeteria job, just in case. 

So you know, she’ll have an actual job, somewhere.



One Comment on “Gah.”

  1. Jen says:

    Deep breaths. Deep breaths.

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